League of Legends

G2 Esports is the largest organization for esports in Europe. Everyday, its players and managers delight millions of players - whether it's League of Legends, Valorant, Rocket League, or Fall Guys.

Let's be honest, Will G2 Come back after losing to MAD? Have you had any negative experiences with G2 Esports? We haven't, because they are simply amazing! If you followed the success of the LoL team in the last year, you know how much enjoyment professionals at the highest levels can be. In addition to being vice world champions, but their social media accounts, as well as their voice regularly bring us memes as well as other content that is pure entertainment. It's even more fun to observe the G2 pros.

World Class

This year Riot Games launched Valorant and G2 Esports immediately created a team that could compete at the highest level. It was a success and the players control the scene and put everything else to shame! Oscar "mixwell", Colochois, G2's Valorant player, is regarded as the best in the world. We're sure that the Spaniard will keep the European flame burning.

Place an eye patch on the Bean!

Carlos Rodriguez, LoL Pro and founder of G2 Esports. It's clear that the organization has many admirers across the world. It's hard to imagine that the company would grow into something so massive and affect thousands of people.

G2 Esports stands for all positive things about esports!



Cooperation and tolerance


Have fun and have fun!

The CEO shows this again in the "Battle of the Brands" by Fall Guys. The developers of the new summer smash have put out for for donations. The person who bids the highest amount will get his own skin in Fall Guys.

What NiKo brings G2 Esports

The outcomes that G2 Esports achieved during their entire 2020 campaign in the competitive Counter-Strike scene showed that the team has been making headlines due to their accomplishments as evidenced by their 2nd places finish at the Intel Extreme Masters XIV - World Championship and the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Europe. While they've offered glimpses into life, they've also experienced the occasional down days, like last October's 12th place finish. Will g2 come back after losing to MAD? To determine the correct answer, go to boostroyal.com.


G2's captain of the moment is Nemanja "nexa", who was the key to G2's ascension to 2020. In addition, he is known for his swagger, his leadership abilities have also helped take G2 to the highest level. His HLTV ratings indicate a significant deal of consistency as his total ratings surpass 1.00.


One of the most sought-after characteristics of NiKo is the ability to perfectly aim his crosshairs. It doesn't matter which weapon you gave him whether it was a suppressed USP-S or an AK-47 or a Deagle. He'll always make his mark, regardless of the circumstance. The one-time taps of pistol rounds can easily smoke the opposition but it is his performances in clutch situations where he truly shines the most. Even if he's the sole person left in the team, he could still create miracles as his level of skill is sufficient to scare the opposition.


League of Legends is often described as an MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena, but League has a lot of genre-specific elements. MOBAs generally contain RTS (real-time strategy) elements in the game. League of Legends is a MOBA featuring two teams consisting of five players, each fighting for a specific goal. MOBAs such as League of Legends require more strategy and dexterity than quick trigger finger actions.